We are Pet Friendly

A perfect holiday is one that all the family enjoy together – so as the owner of a dog that I consider to be part of my family, nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing my dogs having just as much fun as thSilver Strand House are Pet Friendlye rest of us.

For many dogs, a holiday with their owners offers a rare opportunity for quality time with the family. Leaving the usual routine behind, a cottage offers all the home comforts, without the daily grind that we live with at home. We know that dogs are a mirror for human behaviour – meaning that a relaxed owner equals a relaxed hound.

Dogs are unique individuals, just as we are. Some like peace and quiet, others like to be right in the midst of energetic activity. Owners know their dogs best and understand their needs, wants, likes and quirks. So, if your dog could choose, what would be on his or her holiday wish-list?

A holiday with you.